High standards, ingenious solutions

As a production coordinator, Invisible Inc. Productions keeps its own standards high in order to reach all our goals and to never settle for anything less than perfect. We opt for ingenious solutions, for bright and sharp thinking, for innovative performance.

We persevere, even when Murphy’s in the house. That’s exactly the moment we are at our very best: producing events and challenged by the seemingly impossible, undefeatable by problems and setbacks.

In realizing our client’s dreams, we care for beauty and perfection, for our client’s aesthetical choices. We care for sophistication on all levels. Empathy and understanding leads to magical synergy. It’s what keeps the dialogue fruitful and makes the results always astonishing. Have a look at our projects to see how the impossible becomes possible.

Above all, we care for our clients, for the impact of their dreams. We help them to reach their goals. And we care for their peace of mind. We honor our commitments, as we want to live up our values.

Values and ethics

Invisible Inc. Productions wants to maintain a clear and strong vision, based on experience and knowledge for all kinds of events.

We believe that only unlimited creativity and imagination can lead to extraordinary results.

We want to be impressive in our performance, and driven by a strong desire to succeed in every technical production. From temporary buildings, installations, constructions and stages to corporate event productions and much more.

We value intelligence and inventive, innovatory thinking.

We strive for commitment, transparency and mutual respect!

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