Client: European commission Research and innovation - VO Event

Location: Square Orban Brussels

In the midst of the Covid crisis, VO Event and The European Committee for Research & Innovation assigned us the job of the full Technical production of their online event, to be broadcasted from 5 different tv studios and to be set up on the grounds of their buildings in the middle of Brussels’ European quarters. We went into preproduction for all the different aspects (building temporary studios with renewable materials, all staged in a Bauhaus inspired style, setting up broadcasting equipment, light, sound, vision, providing clean air under Covid measures…) and drew up partial plans after the bigger technical plan was completed.

Mastering the preproduction plans

In this specific case, we set up the architectural design, detailed plans, and time schedules. We prepared the overall organization of the technical production process, providing matching talented teams and resources. Preparing the building process in this case also involved following strict safety measures. It was a fierce undertaking, to say the least, involving around 140 tons of equipment. Meanwhile, we carefully drew up tenders and quotations within the limits of the general budget. And kept to them. In this stage of detailed preproduction, thorough preparation and effective communication are key. As general project managers, we constantly update all parties involved, maintaining strict budget control.

Manager of VO Event:

“This is a courtyard where we have to set up 5 tv studios! Are you up to that challenge?”