Client: Neptunus/ Productionworld

Location: NATO Headquarters Brussels

Managing the Production

When the people of the NATO headquarters in Brussels gave us the complex assignment to set up their summit, we moved up a gear. Turning an empty space into a stage where the most important decisions in the world are made: this was not your average job. Imagine all the technical facilities for the NATO summit spread over 12 locations on the grounds of the headquarters, with all the safety measures involved… A soundproof, secure place for 21 highly confidential bilateral talks… Spaces for press conferences and ceremonies…. The whole operation needed complex infrastructure with technical and digital amenities and security systems. We managed it.

How? We never stopped thinking about possibilities or opportunities, rather than in limits and problems. As always, we promised safe logistics and the best site, health, and safety management for all of the 400 crew members and suppliers. We guaranteed clear and efficient communication, tight budget control, optimal quality management, and risk assessment. In every single case, we want to unburden our clients. That’s why we take full responsibility for the production direction throughout the complete production process. We are flexible and aim to be fully efficient, we communicate in transparency and we stay service-minded. 

Spokesperson from NATO procurement service: 

“Are you ​a world-class contractor who is able to provide all the external support and capabilities, required to augment existing NATO facilities?”