Client: DIOR & Villa Eugenie

Location: Miami Beach, USA

Client’s wish: “We want an impressive scenography, luxurious and flawless to the smallest details, technically perfect and visually mindblowing.”

Imagineering the stage

After the initial overall plan, it’s time to cut the proverbial elephant into small pieces. When the first draught is made, we transform the bigger plan into manageable technical partial plans. Like we did, working together with surf fashion legend Shawn Stüssy. In 2020, this art director of the famous Stüssy brand had the magnificent and wild idea of turning the venue of his fashion show (a collab with Kim Jones of DIOR Homme) into a giant wave. A giant wave, clad in yellow printed hardboard with nineties graffiti. The audience would be sitting in the tube of the wave, facing the catwalk. It could not be anything else than amazing…

The imagineering was mainly a matter of space and context. Our job was first to visualize Shawn Stüssy’s idea according to the space we had: an industrial warehouse on the outskirts of Miami. The next step was to develop technical blueprints of the different aspects: we set up a technical plan of approach to determine the final scenography and worked out feasible technical plots. Brilliant imagineering is taking every possible aspect of the scenography into account. The creative ideas for an impressive audience experience and the highest quality in visualization and aesthetics, but also every single safety measure. 

Shawn Stüssy

“The technical involvement is really freaking me out! What an undertaking! I’m blown away!”

Technical Director Simon Fierens (Ghent, Belgium): “We pair our technical knowledge and creativity with your ideas and concepts” We are Imagineers, pioneers of advanced technical event management”.