Client: Villa Eugénie

Location: Capri, Italy

Client’s wish: “Just imagine… A romantic wedding opening evening with opera singers on the village square. A thrilling ceremony on top of a rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Dinner in an enchanting setting outdoors at the edge of the bay, surrounded by fireworks and a breathtaking light spectacle in which nature and surroundings get the biggest role. And finally: a dance party on a floating ship anchored in front of the island, with the atmosphere of an old American extravagant club.”

Drawing up a dream

She wanted her wedding to be the most romantic and spectacularly beautiful. That’s why the international socialite Giovanna Battaglia asked A-list fashion show organizer Etienne Russo to be the art director of her nuptial dreams. Mr. Russo then came to us for technical engineering support. The wedding would be a daring exploit on the island of Capri, spanning 3 days and 3 different locations: a village square, the rough southern cliff of the island, and a cargo barge in the middle of the sea…

How did we manage? By sheer synergy with our client. By listening closely. By believing that even the most outrageous ideas can and will be staged. At phase one, we interpreted Mr. Russo’s initial ideas and outlined them in a first draught. After feedback back and forth, we turned the hypothetical bits and pieces into practical and workable separate plans. Want to see the results? Have a look at the stunning pics on our website. A very happy Mrs. Battaglia had her lavish dream wedding come true, thanks to so many parties working behind the scenes to make it phenomenal. At Invisible Inc, we believe in working in close harmony with our sparring partners: clients, clients’ art directors, scenographers, set designers, and clients’ production managers. It’s a matter of lean communication and mutual respect.

Etienne Russo:

“It is like a ping pong game with ideas. Nothing is impossible, the sky is not the limit”.